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Image by Marek Piwnicki
Exothermic Gas Generator

Exothermic Generators

Exothermic Gas is a safe, inexpensive furnace protective atmosphere which will prevent oxidation and produce bright product when annealing non-ferrous metals and mild steel, sintering iron and non-ferrous metal parts, copper brazing low carbon steel components and silver brazing yellow brass parts without surface metal vapor loss. The generator is provided with a versatile catalyst system which can produce a controlled atmosphere composition range from 20% reducing through 7% oxidizing. Thus, the atmosphere can be utilized for various glass to metal sealing applications for electronic packages which require reducing as well as oxidizing atmospheres.

The generator inlet reactants are air and natural gas which are ignited and passed through an active catalyst where the combustion products are converted to basic outlet composition. No exterior source of heat is required to complete conversion. The hot gas is then passed through a separation chamber where it is cooled while solid carbon precipitates onto an active catalyst. The gas then passes through a condenser where water vapor is removed to produce an atmosphere with a dewpoint which is determined by the condenser coil tap water temperature. An independent refrigerated dryer could be installed following the generator to separate any remaining water and further reduce the dewpoint to purify the atmosphere.

The generator can be supplied with Industrial Risk Insurers, (NFPA), safety controls. Operating controls are simple as outlet gas composition can be modified to desired value by adjusting the air and gas control valves.

Standard exothermic generators are available in capacities which range from 125 cubic foot/hour to 6,000 cubic foot/hour. Larger capacity generator designs could be provided at the customer's request.

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